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On June 4th Microsoft officially rolled out the latest version of their Chromium based Edge browser to the public.

We have been using Edge for several months and because of a slew of great features, it quickly replaced Chrome as my default browser.  Importantly, Edge supports all current Chrome extensions, so you do not lose anything when leaving Chrome behind.

The profile implementation is the best of any browser on the market.  Edge allows you to seamlessly switch between your home and work profiles.  Allowing you to sync history and password not only between your work and personal life, but also between all your devices.  Customizable tracking prevention features are built right in, keeping your browser experience off Google’s hungry servers.

My favourite function is Collections.  This allows you to make it easy to collect images, text, videos, and anything else that you can drag and drop from the web into the collection group.

Other great features include a built in PDF reader, AAD support and an Internet Explorer mode for rendering legacy websites, making this a great option of enterprises.  Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), a technology allows the ability to install and use websites as native applications on Windows 10.   Bringing some of the unique aspects of web apps like the ability to work offline, push notifications, quick installs, instant loading, and automatic server-side updates to your desktop.

Microsoft released a new version of their Edge Browser (Edge 84), today which updates the following:

Collections improvements. Collections picks up a new note capability so that you can add a note or comment to an item in a collection. And there are major performance improvements, too.

PDF improvements. You can now use Read Aloud with PDF files. And you can now save an edit made to a PDF back to the original file instead of having to save a copy.

Immersive Reader improvements. The Immersive Reader now supports language translation capabilities.

Full mouse support in full-screen mode. Now you can use your mouse to access tabs, the address bar, and other items without having to exit full-screen mode as before.

Online purchase improvements. You can now configure nicknames for saved debit and credit cards, making it easier to choose the correct card when using autofill to select a payment method.

PWA features. Microsoft Edge can now access the Storage Access and Native File System APIs.

For more information and to download Edge, visit

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