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It’s all about the experience. 

At Riven OSS we believe that bringing your ideas to life should be an exciting experience.  Your final product should be intuitive, with a strong focus on the user experience and a low barrier of entry for new users.  Daily maintenance and security patches should be done pro-actively, creating an experience of optimal up-time.

We also understand that some new ideas have “real world” requirements, and thus we offer logo, business card and other design and printing services.

Do you own or looking to start a business that involves clients and booking appointments? Then have a look at our new service industry business management software & services product.

what we do

Business software requirement documentation (BRS) 

To accurately estimate the cost of development, reputable software development companies will ask for a business requirement brief otherwise known as BRS.  The skills to accurately create such a brief might not be something that you or someone within your organisation possess, so why not contact us for a discussion regarding a workshop to help with this. read more…

Web (portal) application development 

We create anything that runs within a web browser. 

Innovative cloud based solutions that work seamlessly across multiple devices. 

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Mobile application development            

We create user friendly, native iOS and Android applications.  These can be a stand-alone applications, or form part of your web portal application.

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Rapid application development (RAD)

Need it quick?  We could make that happen, at a cost of course. 

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Application hosting solutions

With their easy-to-use, flexible, cost-effective, reliable, scalable and secure hosting solutions, it was a no brainer to select Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our preferred application hosting partner. 

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Design & printing service

We also understand that some new ideas have “real world” requirements, and thus we can assist you to get your new or excising venture up and running through various design services, printing and delivering large quantities of A4 study guides, booklets and manuals to your door step.

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creating solutions

Riven OSS uses a combination of agile and waterfall development methodologies.  This means that although we plan most of a project upfront, we develop the system in small sections or modules.  This process allows our clients to start testing parts of the system while we are still in the development stages, ultimately creating greater user satisfaction and system usability. 

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